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An insider report (arabic) from an owner with subtitles, which in many comments confirms that the car was planned, rebuilt and the complete production delivered to the Emirates by Volkswagen!

An even more beautiful blue Cup Edition in Dubai. This one is not missing a lot of original parts. It was obviously " well treated " and well maintained!

Typical parts such as decor and rims had to be replaced with available ones

  • The decor - as usual - homemade and not complete

  • Rims - mostly scratched or broken because of the UAE curbs - were painted - therefore without the beautiful "VW RACING" inscription

  • Door panel in BLUE ... should actually be in black

  • Steering wheel cover also adapted to the car in blue

  • Unfortunately, the RECARO seats mentioned in the report are not correct - the RSI has RECARO seats - but the Cup Millennium Beetle has seats from KÖNIG.

It is often not malicious and the owners are actually just trying to keep the cars as roadworthy and attractive as possible. Without original spare parts you are of course doomed to do handicrafts!


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