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For the construction of the CUP EDITION Beetle, most of the parts and experiences made on the RSI Beetle & the Beetle Racing Cup Version were used in addition to many technical parts taken from other models and accessories companies within the VW Group



The basis for the RACE CUP BEETLE was the platform of the standard New Beetle because the CUP cars were only equipped with 2-wheel drive (they were supposed to have a low center of gravity for the purpose of "handling")

  • 76 cars were built for the racing series

  • Engine 6 cylinders, 4 valves

  • Displacement 2792 cc

  • Power 150 kW (204 hp)

  • Torque 270 Nm

  • max. speed 6800 rpm

  • Compression 10.75:1

  • Bosch management with motorsport software

  • 2 wheel drive !!! Not the 4 wheel RSI platform!

  • Tank FT3 safety tank

  • Fuel Super Plus unleaded

  • Transmission 6-speed series manual transmission with sports wheel set

  • Clutch sintered metal disc / pressure plate series

  • ... more in CUP BEETLE GALLERY

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Due to the all-wheel drive, the RSI was built on the Golf Synchro platform, which actually had far too much ground clearance. Various conversions were necessary to make the car appear "Low & deep"

  • 250 units built as a numbered series.

  • 6-speed gearbox with4 wheel drive system from
    4 Motion and Platform des  Golf Synchro !

  • Remus double exhaust system

  • Chassis designed for  race track.

  • 80 mm wider fenders, front & rear skirts, defuser and a beautiful rear wing in Rennsport  design.

  • 18x9 OZ Superturismo wheels - 235/40ZR-18 for the necessary propulsion.

  • Carbon fiber, aluminum & orange leather interior with  special RSI speedometer

  • KÖNIG sports seats installed at the front

  • Unit price in 2000:
    135,950 DM  ( 69,000 US$ )

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Source & details of this information please
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