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Gallery - RSI  BETTLE

The RSI was manufactured as  "numbered series" and only 250 pieces and should make the "special position & uniqueness" of this model clear! For marketing reasons, the cars were specifically sold to large dealers and only selected customers. Volkswagen's wishful thinking:

If such personalities drive something like that, the car must be classy...

For "Otto Normal consumers" a great opportunity to build something "similar" on a small budget. It worked! Endless replicas up to 600hp for races and streets are the result!

But - an original always remains an original!

RSI intro:

  • 224 hp ( 165 kW ) 3.2 liter displacement from a VR6 engine

  • 6-speed transmission & all-wheel drive (4 wheel drive system 4 motion)

  • Mounted on the floor assembly of the "GOLF SYNCHRO".

  • Remus double exhaust system

  • The rear suspension has been heavily modified & designed more for the race track.

  • 80 mm wider fenders, unique front & rear skirts, a defuser over the rear window & a beautiful rear wing as otherwise only seen in racing  .

  • 18x9 OZ Superturismo wheels - 235/40ZR-18 for the necessary propulsion.

  • Lots of carbon fiber, aluminum and orange leather on the inside.

  • KÖNIG sports seats were installed at the front.

  • A single one in BLUE was made for the CEO ( 1993-2002 ) Ferdinand Piëch, apparently because of all the cars he drove, were always blue? So the story :) ... see picture!

  • Unit price ( 2000 ) ==> 128,000 DM ( 65,000 US$ ) ( .. prices vary .. one also speaks of 134.00 DM)


RSI - Featured cars:

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