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I owe this picture to the excellent research of my latest contact in Austria, which clearly proves VW's proximity and involvement OR at least VW's knowledge of the project. The picture below clearly shows the presentation of a CUP MILLENNIUM Beetle at an official VW location.

Maybe someone can identify this showroom? Every hint is welcome!

The official VW LOGO in the showroom strongly supports this assumption and points to an official campaign or presentation approved by VW Wolfsburg.

  • The two Arabs - in national costume (socalled dishdasha) - in the background suggest that they are from the United Arab Emirates.

  • The salesperson or manager in the background also strongly suggests this.

  • The cars are often referred to as “DUBAI BEETLE” by connoisseurs.

  • The MILLENNIUM LOGO - 2000 - in the background on the wall also underlines the importance of this car for the MILLENNIUM year in the UAE.

There are massive differences from this car to the later built series, which are listed below.

My thank goes to Martin, who immediately noticed the little differences and then made them available to me for this report.

Details of this new discovery and the prototypes of the pilot departments:

  • Each model is produced in different versions in the pilot departments and tested for suitability and feasibility!

  • After the pre-production model has been developed, a kind of “concept car” is often presented later. It doesn't matter whether this happens in public or just in front of a single customer.

  • Only after this and possible further changes it will go into production.

  • These pre-series cars - in a wide variety of versions - always end up in a recycling facility authorized by VW. According to my information, all parts with serial numbers are scrapped there! Parts without serial numbers are often resold.

  • And this happened with a prototype of the Millennium cars. Scrapped in Hamburg, parts sold and "Martin" is now the owner of real pre-series parts!

Which of these parts are different from the series CUP MILLENNIUM cars?

  • The prototype shown had seats installed, that were not installed later. Visually very similar, but with seat ventilation, seat heating, electrically adjustable!

  • The front spoiler - the apron - was also not installed and is probably the same as the spoiler used in the CUP Racing Cars, which is made of GFK for repair reasons and was also made in two parts - splittable!

  • The large spoiler at the back is also from the CUP Racing Cars ... it is significantly larger than the one of the 80 cars manufactured later.

  • Martin also found that the usual indicator covers (black) cannot be used with this spoiler due to the lack of clip holders.

  • The Millennium LOGOs on the side of the car (door) also differ significantly from the 80 other cars in terms of physical placement/exact location. The stickers were moved about 6 cm further back in the series. The Cup Millennum LOGO was also rearranged

  • And last but not least, the rear-view mirrors are not the ones used in series production later on.

Summary ==> 1 + 1 = 2

  • The car was officially presented by or at a VW dealer.

  • The parts from the CUP Racing Cars were not installed later in series production

  • The VW LOGOs on the cars were later placed in different locatins

  • In my opinion, enough evidence has been collected on this website to prove that VW officially staid for the production of the CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE, co-designed the cars, supervised the production and all the necessary parts as well and was in charge of the entire logistics too! matter which branch, country or continent... VW Wolfsburg is ultimately responsible for this!

  • Whether it was their own idea, sold to someone, commissioned by the royal family in Dubai or whatever! VW must have known about all of this and surely hide some legal documents of the entire process somewhere in the VOLKSWAGEN GROUP!

  • ELSE ... it was a miracle and the cars were created by the Holy Spirit!


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