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Unfortunately, the missing spare parts for this Beetle are mostly the reason for subsequent redesign or trying to make the best of it.

Shots of a Cup Edition Bettle in orange from Dubai. Obviously also fallen victim to the missing spare parts and "restored" accordingly!

Typical parts such as tailpipe grid, decor and others are replaced or missing

  • The grille around the exhaust pipe is missing - cannot be replaced

  • Decor was replaced after painting with own design / production

  • Rims - almost every car because of the UAE Curbs are somehow damaged or scratched and repainted or replaced with others

  • Brake shoes were also adjusted to the overall look of the car & painted in orange

  • Mostly its not a bad intention and the owners actually try to keep the cars as roadworthy and attractive as possible, but without parts you are doomed to tinkering!


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