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  • The problem with spare parts, the heat in the Middle East (up to 50°  ) and the tuning mania of young princes were the reason that, with the exception of a few units, the cars were literally "Repaired or painted to death" in various backyards.

  • Currently there are about 10 respectable cars with original paint, papers & original stickers worldwide.

  • Another reason was the Vehicle Test Station (TÜV) in the UAE, which bans stickers on private cars and thus had the distinctive Millennium Cup Edition decor removed during the annual inspection, which had left so many cars with "similar, homemade or no stickers at all". 

  • Many were repainted immediate after delivery and others were restored after accidents with completely macabre tuning parts in truly "semi professional" backyards.

  • Incorrect parts from series Beetle, hobbyist LOGO's, falling interior, dissolving, sticky & broken plastic parts, etc. have slowly but surely "destroyed" these cars. 

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