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Presentation of the prototype - most probably at a VW importer in the Emirates

Before series production begins, the pilot departments of the plants build so-called pre-series cars, which are also tested there for everyday use. ​These pre-series cars will later be handed over to VW authorized recyclers for scrapping. Parts with serial numbers are destroyed - other components can be passed on and sold, according to insider information.
Recently, a real "Millennium Cup Edition" fan from Austria came across a parts box that obviously came from a prototype from this series. Based on these comparisons and the insights gained from above picture & the parts surfaced, we can clearly see that VW officially knew about these cars, was involved and also used its company structures to build the cars in Puebla.


A mix of the standard Beetle, RSI, CUP Beetle and excisting parts from stock!

Many of the cars - like the car shown above - which obviously result from a presentation for the customer, are designed using parts from existing stocks at VW, the RSI or the CUP racing cars. Some of these parts later were changed at customer request! The data collection in the well-known RSI study program document also shows many of the same / similar parts of this special series.

                           Everything to shed light on the “CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE” and create facts.

Here we show the most obvious differences from the presentation car to the later " CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE" :

  • Split front spoiler - from the CUP car

  • Larger rear spoiler - from the CUP car

  • Side mirror - from Beetle of the 1st generation

  • Bucket seats  - probably from racing cars ( VW RACING department?? )

  • Mini spoiler above the front windscreen - later replaced by decorative stickers

  • DECOR - at the time of presentation this was a little larger and also positioned differently 

As always, tips on the topic, contemporary witnesses at VW, the racing department, information about the recycling companies or material or knowledge that has not yet been discovered are very welcome :)

Parts found at RSI CABRIO Prototype - obviously from the Cup Edition production

Found by an Austrian collector who just sent me clear traces of the Cup Edition cars... undeniable!
The pictures taken from a VW depot, where a prototype of the "RSI CABRIO" is in stock. This - it's obviously not an RSI convertible but a standard Beetle convertible with RSI body kit - has parts installed that were only produced for and installed on the Cup Edition cars in Puebla!

As I said, the convertible uses the look of the RSI, but unfortunately the second exhaust pipe from the RSI engine is missing there and for this reason the cover of the reversing light and two of the center grilles of the Cup Edition models were used to cover the defuser hole and to hide the exhaust hole of the real RSI there! ... the pictures are evidence & speak for them!


Das "sogenannte RSI CABRIO" -  Standard  Beetle


Der Defuser & Auspuff des " Original RSI "


"Das RSI CABRIO" - Teile vom Cup Edition Beetle


Die Verkleidung am "Original Cup Edition Beetle "

The facts are obvious and it is inexplicable why VW does provide an honest and plausible statement about this project, but even claims "not knowing about it" in response to many inquiries we placed! A few details such as the reason for production, official number of cars (which is known), VIN numbers of these cars, why they were never implemented into the VW parts system, why there isn't a single car in an VW Museum, and much more. The car owners of such cars and the fan community would really appreciate a response?

Everything always is the sum of many individual parts!

The fan community will surely not give up and definitely finish the puzzle of the "CUP MILLENNIUM BEETLE".


The day will come, where even VW Wolfsburg will have to reply on the open questions and explain the mystery, why such a rare & noble model didn't even find the way into the VW Museum?

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