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CUP Edition Beetle - DXB

But unfortunately like so many cars with countless "improvements, changes, eye catchers, ... etc. What the market i Dubai offers ==> it is bought and installed!

"Such a rare and beautiful collector's car shouldn't be - embellished or improved - an original is & remains an original - and should be preserved that way ... right?

Disagreements between Tuners and collectors - actually nice restoration, but with many personal changes:

  • Second exhaust pipe to create an RSI look or "pretend"LED lights front and rear (... probably from the "DRAGON MARket" where you can buy everything that China produces cheaply.

  • The car flashes & lights up like a Christmas tree :(Rear fog lights 2x for the purpose of optics - such a car never drives in Dubai in fog :)

  • Front fog lights 2x for the purpose of optics - very nicely done, but was already felt to be "unsuitable" in the first design of the RSI Beetle & therefore not implemented in the series!

  • Yellow and larger brake calipers with ventilated brake discs - for the RSI look?

  • Because the front seats were probably no longer usable - the foam material crumbles and breaks, the fabric tears, etc..., a general overhaul was announced right away.

  • Completely in leather ... looks very nice & even has the CUP EDITION LOGO ... that has to be acknowledged.Gray handles, gray mesh & gray speaker cover round off the restoration negatively.

  • Unfortunately, this didn't work out that way with the decor sticker... new "design" which turned out to be quite simple in terms of optics - that's how a collector sees it!

  • The interior door decor has also been provisionally repaired ... is a very tricky and difficult matter if it should / must be good!

  • The center console with radio is simply "a matter of taste" :( Who likes that?

  • The rest of the sound system - boxes in the back & probably an amplifier - is again due to the youth and is actually superfluous with such a car!Who needs music with such a sound from the exhaust?


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