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VW project out of

Puebla / Mexico

VW EMEA Support:

We do / did the service in UAE

VW EMEA Support: 

We have no documentation for it!

VW Wolfsburg:

This car is not

in the VW system

RSI & Millennium F&E engineer:

Built in Puebla!

The "black sheep" from VW

Puebla / Mexico!


80 units produced on production

line of the RSI

80 units delivered

in die  UAE

Only 3 colors

- Blue

- Black

- Silver

80 units in 2000


 147,000 DM

   75,000 EURO

RSI 250 units


 135.950 DEM

   69 000 EUR


Why Wolfsburg denies

the superbeetle


Welcome to this website with pictures, videos and detailed information about the "MILLENNIUM CUP EDITION BEETLE"
The data published here comes from owners of these cars, from sources who in the UAE experienced the delivery of these cars to the official VW importers "Ali & Sons" in Abu Dhabi" and "Al Naboodah" in Dubai on site!
From " oral & written " reports of VW staff personally involved in the development and construction of the RSI Beetle and the
Cup Edition Beetle in Puebla / Mexico and employees at the plant in Wolfsburg!

Since cars like the " RSI , RACECUP and the MILLENNIUM CUP EDITION BEETLE look very similar,
these "differences" are also discussed in more detail.
The topic of problems and the many questions about these cars are also accounted for... (*)​

(*) For unknown reasons, VW has not commented on this model for years and does not provide any information when asked.

According to a written response from VW Support, there has never been internal documentation for these cars, which they do not know the reason for themselfes? Information published here, therefore is based on provided one by above-mentioned people!                                                                                             

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